Artwork by Daniel Moorman

Artwork by Daniel Moorman


As Sanctus Dei moves their troops in pursuit of the Lifespring, the Scouts of Jahdu are all that stand in their way. Baptized in battle, these fearless warriors fight to defend their home against the Army of Light. Time runs short, and without the support of the neighboring tribes, they face annihilation.  With rivalries between them stretching back generations, the prospect of standing together seems a lost cause.

Until a prophet comes to deliver a holy oracle.

A prophecy foretelling their doom unfolds through the eyes of Coralyn, adopted daughter of the chieftain.  Her doubts shatter, and her faith is shaken as the hand of the Ancient One grabs hold of her life.  She alone holds the key to her people’s salvation, but can she take on a ruthless, war-hardened general willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal? Or an ambitious assassin determined to destroy the heart of her land? Armies gather and worlds collide. With every moment pushing them towards an inevitable conflict, who will be left standing when the dust settles?

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