Episode 30 - The Big Idea

Kate: Are you doing something special for the thirtieth episode?  It's the equivalent of a golden birthday.

Caleb: The equivalent of a golden birthday would be an episode written in the year 2047.

Kate: That's fair.  You think you'll still be having a life crisis in thirty years?  Or will there be a Forty Life Crisis and Fifty Life Crisis to follow?  Will it be a trilogy?

Caleb: Like I said last time: I'm just making this up as I go along.  Who can know what the future holds?

Adam:  I can't say to the specifics, but if you ask me, it looks bleak.  If humanity continues on its current trajectory, we are going to crash and burn.  It's only a matter of time.

Caleb:  That's why you're so outspoken about what you believe, huh?  Why you raise awareness and rattle people's cages?

Adam:  I believe the answer lies within us working together.  We should all be doing our part to actively make the world better; it's our responsibility.  Until interstellar space travel becomes a thing, we're stuck on this rock with each other.

Daniel:  That's why kindness and compassion are so important.  They help draw us closer to one another.  Before we start working together, we need to make peace between each other and within ourselves.

Caleb:  Hello, there!  You're new here.  I'm Caleb.  This is Kate; she's my muse. And this is Adam, my conscience.

Daniel:  My name is Daniel, and I'm pleased to meet all of you.  I hope we become friends, and that together we make a difference to the benefit of us all.

Kate:  So that's the big idea, huh?  Work together to make the world a better place.  You know you're not original, right?  People thought of this before, tried, and failed.  The more important question at hand is: how?