Episode 25 - Neo-Nazis

Caleb: Turning on social media has become a real downer.  Every time I turn around it's bigotry, hatred, and stupidity all rolled into this broken system we call society.

Kate: I know exactly what you mean.  Charlottesville, Virginia only happened a few weeks ago, but it's still fresh in my mind.  I never imagined having to come to terms with the idea that there would be Neo-Nazis in America.

Caleb: The fact they exist isn't the most troubling thing; the fact that their stance and platform was not immediately discredited outright is appalling.  After all our country has been through, after all we've endured together, we still don't have the balls to call hate out when we see it.

Kate: Look at the bright side.  Exposure to these groups might not be pleasant, but shining light on the dark things in our world is the perfect way to reveal the intolerance and hatred running rampant without check.  We know what we stand for, and what we have to fight against.