Cover design by Rtor Maghuyop

Cover design by Rtor Maghuyop


A kingdom divided...A covert war...A search for the truth...The adventure of a lifetime... 

Following a terrible war transpiring three hundred and forty-one years earlier, the elves of the forest shut themselves away from the outside world. Though neighbors with the men of Azur’nth, neither race has seen or heard from the other for a very long time. Until now…
When Typothanas, a young, curious elf, stumbles upon a stack of unanswered letters from diplomats come and gone over the years, he is compelled to read them. After establishing correspondence with the current Ambassador of Foreign Affairs, Farrina Snowchild, he sets out on a journey of discovery into the unknown: into the world of men. 

Meanwhile, a journal written by a soldier within the Church finds its way into Farrina’s hands. This journal contains incriminating evidence concerning a crusade against the tribes of Ysaht, a nation south of their borders. In an attempt to uncover the truth, she sets out on a quest against the orders of her king. 

Tailed by a mysterious and powerful assassin, Farrina and her companions set out on a campaign for the truth and find themselves in a race to save a nation of people from extinction.

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