Episode 55 - Coming Out

Kate: It's National Coming Out Day which means you have to do a piece on your coming out story. So, tell us how it happened, how you felt, and what it means.

Caleb: I came out twice. Once to my parents with letters, and the second time on Facebook the same day I got married. It was easier than saying over and over what most people knew already.

Kate: Hey, you're not getting off that easy! Tell us the rest.

Caleb: You're an awfully bossy muse today, aren't you? Fine, I'll play. I said, "I do," to the man of my dreams that day, so it will always be special to me. I changed my status from "Single" to "Married" and, with the click of a mouse, I no longer had to pretend, to hide, or to lie. I turned over a new leaf that day and I never looked back. What it means is a milestone of when my life started. It's a memorial to my beginning.