Episode 53 - Haters

Kate: Blow-up dolls and helium to fake the Rapture. Too funny! Uh oh. It looks like you got yourself a hater. She says, “You will not be laughing when you are left behind.”

Caleb: The funny thing is, someone already made this joke on June 20th, 2004. Fourteen years ago, on a TV show. Even the memes aren’t fresh anymore. It was meant for the two people I tagged to provoke a stroll down memory lane, not for people to weigh in concerning the fate of my soul.

Kate: Yet…you don’t seem upset by what this woman said.

Caleb: That’s right; I’m not upset. I admit I could care less it offended her, but I wish her no ill will. If she doesn’t like me or my sense of humor, then I trust she’s computer-savvy enough to find the functions on Facebook to unfriend me, block me, or hide my statuses. Haters gonna hate, but that’s not my jam.