Episode 54 - Keto People

Kate: Aren’t you doing Keto?

Caleb: I am and I have seen tremendous results. It’s funny because people ask me how I lost weight, and when I tell them they follow up with something like, “So a vegan, a vegetarian, and someone doing Keto walks into a bar. Which one of them ruins your life first?”

Kate: So you’re saying you never recommend Keto or volunteer that information? You’re vehemently denying being one those people?

Caleb: I’m totally one of those people. We’re like Mormons going door-to-door to share the Ketogenic Gospel. My only beef with Keto is this: calling things what they’re not. You’ve never experience true disappointment until you make Keto “popcorn” and find out that no matter how much olive oil you coat it in, and how hot and fast you cook it in the oven, cauliflower is still cauliflower.

Keto People be like,.png