Episode 46 - Architects and Gardeners

Kate: You took the summer off from classes so you could get some writing done. How's that going?

Caleb: I'm enjoying the break from school and filling my spare time with weekend getaways, trips to amusement parks, parties and cookouts, but the writing is going nowhere.

Kate: Uh oh. What's wrong?

Caleb: Some writers are architects, and they construct the story start, middle, and finish before they ever type the first word. I'm a gardener. I cultivate a plot and setting, and let my characters run rampant in the world I've created. Sometimes, I sit down and I have no idea what to write for the simple reason that I have no idea what happens next.

Kate: Don't get discouraged. Just keep powering through. As a gardener, you can plant the seed, let it take root, and cultivate it.  When you're done, it will grow into something worthwhile. I know it.

Caleb: You always know exactly what to say to keep me motivated.  Thanks, Kate!