Episode 58 - Snow Days

Kate: So, did you buy enough milk, bread, and eggs to last you through the storm?

Caleb: I don’t drink milk, I don’t eat bread, and there are never fewer than three dozen eggs in my refrigerator at all times. Keto. Anyway, what are those people going to do? Hole up inside their houses and eat french toast all weekend long?

Kate: It’s comfort food. Being stuck in your house shows you everything there is to do in just a few short hours. Then, the cabin fever and the boredom kicks in.

Caleb: Speak for yourself; I love snow days. All I need is a good book and an afternoon to escape. Maybe I’ll binge watch one of the fifty million shows people recommend, I say I’m going to watch, and never actually watch. Then again, maybe I’ll spend the whole day writing, or get some stuff done around the house. If there is truly no place like home, then snow days are magical and therapeutic. Enjoy it.