Episode 76 - Golden Boy

I used to be your golden boy, your pride, your joy, the apple of your eye.
You used to put me on your knee, tell me that you loved me, and that I
was your golden boy.

Tell me what has changed? What stays the same?
Tell me how to live. Tell me who to love.

 Everything between you and I was always left for me to decide.
So I'm sorry if I let you down and I'm sorry that I could not be
your golden boy.

 Oh you never change. It's all the same
What's it matter now? What's the use in trying?

 I could never be the man you want me to be.
I could never do what you expect from me.
I guess we'll have to make do with who I am.
Sorry you had to settle for less.
This is who I am: I'm your golden boy.