Episode 64 - For Now

When it rains it pours. Cliché, yes, but I find a resonating truth in it. One week filled with joy and hope followed by another of heartbreak and pain. The week after is an emotional whirlwind to put things back together. Today, I get hit with terrible news concerning a loved one. Life keeps kicking the shit out of me, and I feel like it’s not done yet. What disaster or emergency waits for me next week?

Everything is temporary. I’ve known that for years, but at thirty-two I’m living it. Relationships begin, and then they end. Emotions come, and then they go. People I love are with me, and one day they’ll be gone too. No matter how hard I try to hold on, the inevitability remains the same: I am going to lose everything I love.

But not today. I won’t let myself slip into despair. Just because I know something has an expiration date doesn’t change its value. In fact, it might make it more precious. So, I will hold on tight to the ones I love, and enjoy the people who are holding on to me. Nothing lasts forever. Not life. Not love. Not people. And not pain. Even suffering is only for now.