Episode 65 - Creative Therapy

Ethan: Back to the old dialogue format, I see.

Caleb: Yeah. My last few posts have been heavy. I don't want to lose all six of my readers by bogging them down with my depression, heartache, and pain. I'm also tired of people texting me, "Are you okay?" I'm not okay, but I will be; I'm working things out, you know?

Ethan: Stop. They do that because they care. Let them reach out to you and thank them for their efforts or you sound like an ungrateful jerk. Besides, creative therapy is a real thing. Turning your negative emotions into art is constructive and can help you heal.

Caleb: Last night, on a whim, I asked my roommate if he'd help me write a pilot for a TV sitcom. He said yes, and we found out we work great together. Both of us want to write for television someday, and I think it might be the start of a great writing partnership. I was so inspired, I invited another friend to give it a whirl with me as well.

Ethan: You're a writer. It's in your blood, your bones, and your soul. If you want to feel complete, that's what you need to do. Don't think about it. Don't talk about it. Do it, and don't ever stop. I'll be here to crack the whip if you start slacking or feeling sorry for yourself again.

Caleb: You know, of all my muses, you're the meanest. Everyone else is real nice to me.

Ethan: Nice isn't what you need right now. You're tired of people asking if you're okay, remember? You're not, but you will be. You're working things out. Work it out. You'll feel better when you're done, I promise.