Episode 69 - Self Worth

Adam: What’s wrong, Boo? You said you’d turned over a new leaf in rediscovering your own worth. So, why are you looking pitiful and feeling sorry for yourself?

Caleb: I’m struggling. The most inconvenient thing about realizing my own worth is subsequently realizing I settle for being treated as less than in almost every arena in my life. You ever try to look someone in the face and tell them they need to try harder because you deserve better? It’s not easy.

Adam: If you’re worth it to them, they’ll listen and do what it takes to sustain the relationship. If not, then they don’t deserve you. It sounds harsh, Boo, but that’s the damn truth and you know it.

Caleb: I’ve been afraid to confront this, worried my rocking the boat will mean losing relationships I’ve worked hard to cultivate.

Adam: You owe it to them and yourself to give them the opportunity to grow with you, Boo. Don’t sell yourself short. It’s okay to expect things from people and it’s okay to be disappointed when those expectations aren’t met.