Episode 72 - Mama

The world we live in tells us compassion is weakness, but Mom taught me the opposite. She showed me kindness takes more strength than spite. She taught me love overcomes adversity. She taught me the value of generosity in a world overflowing with people who only think of themselves.

That spirit of compassion showed in her hospitality. In the way she welcomed you into her home. She didn’t let people leave her house hungry. Her doors, her arms, and her heart were always open.

My mother gave people who didn’t have a place to stay a loving and supportive home. She took care of people who needed help. Gave money to people who didn’t have it. Love to people who were rejected. She believed if you wanted the world to be a better place, you had better get busy making it that way. A world without her is a little darker. My mom was a lighthouse. A beacon of hope to anyone who had lost their way.

Mom.  I love you.  And I miss you.  All the best parts of me came from you.  I promise I will remember the things you taught me.  I pray my doors, my arms, and my heart will always be open.  I pray I turn out to be just like you.  I hope you are proud of the man you raised.  Thank you for being my mother. 

Happy Birthday, Mama.