Epidsode 17 - Recap

Kate: Tell me about vacation.

Caleb: I drove a total of twenty-eight hours, got sunburned, the only places that didn't get burned has sand in them, I spent way too much money, cheated on my diet, gained weight, slept on a couch most nights, and woke up hungover most mornings.

Kate: That sounds terrible!  I'm sorry, hon.

Caleb: Are you kidding?! I can't wait to go again.  I also visited Roanoke Island, saw the Wright Brothers Monument, went to the beach every day, went on an evening cruise, did day drinking with my relatives, got to know my in-laws, and got to stay in a huge beach mansion.

Kate: Sounds like it was a mix of good and bad.

Caleb: Yeah, it sure was.  People talk about have 'good days' and 'bad days' but in my experience every day is both good and bad.  Vacations are the same way.  Half of life is what comes your way and the other half is what you give back.