Episode 38 - Artist(s) Appreciation

Kate: What's up?  You're wheels are turning.

Caleb: How'd you know? My poker face game is on point.  What gave me away?

Kate: I'm your Muse, remember?  I'm the personification of all your pondering.

Caleb: Fine.  Here goes.  So...I know a lot of artists.

Kate: Is that bad thing?

Caleb: Not at all!  All of them are treasures in my eyes.  Diamonds glittering with prismatic brilliance against an endless ocean of black velvet mediocrity.  And not of one of them get the appreciation and recognition they deserve.

Kate: And you want to know why.

Caleb: No.  I want to change the world so that it becomes a place that cherishes their creativity.  And I'm going to need your help to do it.