Episode 42 - Transgender

Caleb: What do you call a couple comprised of a trans lesbian and a bisexual?

Johnny: Stop it. Right now.

Caleb: A BLT!

Johnny: You're making a post with transgender jokes! Are you insane?! Don't you remember what happened the last time you posted about a sensitive issue?

Caleb: Relax, dude. One, it's funny. Two, it's not offensive. I actually know a couple like this; they're the ones who told me the joke and encouraged me to share it. And three, If I can't make jokes about my own community than who can I make jokes about?

Johnny: You're not trans!

Caleb: So? They're still my tribe. What does the T stand for in LGBTQIA? I hate that we live in a world that ostracizes and discriminates against them. You know what I think trans individuals want more than anything? To be treated like people.