Episode 41 - Guns

Adam: Did you hear they captured the Parkland, Florida shooter alive? That doesn't happen very often. I Googled 'mass shootings resulting in arrests' and came up with Aurora, Colorado and this one. Obviously, this has rekindled the gun control debate with more momentum than I can remember in a while.

Caleb: All the news networks are pushing the Right and Left agenda of Second Amendment Rights versus Gun Control, drawing lines in the sand, and beckoning people to choose one.  I see very little focus on the shooter anymore.  There's a few featuring the family who took the kid into their home, but the public has yet to hear Nikolas Cruz explain his actions.

Adam: I guess interviewing the perpetrators of violent crimes went out of style when the emergence of serial killers lost its popularity. I blame Dexter.

Caleb: We can talk about guns all we want, but the cold, hard truth of the matter is there is something wrong with people. What would possess a person to get a gun and kill people they didn't even know? Aren't you the least bit curious as to what they have to say? I know I am. Who knows? We might find some answers. At the very least, learn something about their frame of mind and how to look for the signs in others before they do something terrible.