Episode 50 - Kaepernick

Kate: You’re running a little behind on this one. The Kaepernick-Nike ad was weeks ago.

Caleb: People are still talking about it. It’s making waves. My only comment on the situation until now has been a Facebook post saying I wished people were as passionate about clean, sustainable energy as they are shoe companies and protesting athletes, but I have more to say.

Kate: You always do.

Caleb: I think it’s very telling when people say, “I wish he would protest in another way,” because what they really mean is, “I wish he would protest in a way I can ignore.” This, of course negating the entire purpose of a protest.

Kate: So, where do you stand?

Caleb: That’s easy; with Colin. Systemic racism is a problem, and we need a call to action to stop police violence against people of color. We need constant reminders until something changes. Let’s also point out that taking a knee during the National Anthem is the very definition of a peaceful protest. The only reason there was controversy is because he’s in the spotlight.

Kate: What about Nike? How do you feel about them?

Caleb: I am glad they endorsed Colin and became a platform to raise awareness, but they got their money’s worth. Thirty-one percent sales increase virtually overnight! I’ll give kudos to them when they take that money to lobby for reform in a country in sore need of it.