Episode 77 - Hiding

I see you hiding, hiding the real you,
but I can see through you, I see to the real you.
I know you're bleeding; I know you're dying
I wanna be there. Please know that I care

for you don't have to go alone,
Cause I will hold you til it's over.

 When it rains it pours, when the wind blows it storms,
When the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes,
I'll be there for you.
A shoulder if you need to cry, a friend in whom you can confide,
open up please do not hide from me.

 That mask you're wearing ain't fooling no one.
Just throw it away, don't need it today.
Just let your guard down, let me love you.
Then you will see, that you can be free

 And you don't have to go alone
Cause I will hold you til it's over