Episode 9 - Regrets

Caleb: You want to know something I’ve discovered about being thirty? You’re old enough to have regrets.

Kate: What do you regret?

Caleb: Honestly: the things I put my parents through. I was a defiant child, to say the least. They were just doing their best to show me how to make it on my own in this world. They weren’t perfect; they were struggling the whole time. Just like I am now. They’re the only reason I have what it takes to have made it this far. I owe them more than anything.

Kate: We all go through a rebellious stage. It’s part of our journey. That metaphorical shove from the nest. It creates just enough division for the parent to let go, and suddenly… we’re doing it all on our own. I’m sure it’s a magical moment for them, and they’re elated by the idea of you as a self-realized human being. That’s how imagine it will be for me when I have children.