Episode 33 - Keeping Faith

Kate: What's wrong? You're not acting like yourself. New Year's is your favorite time of year.  Fresh start. Reset button. Getting your shit together and all that.

Caleb: I know. It still is. I guess that I'm old enough now that all of my goals are long-term and ongoing, so nothing has changed from last year's resolutions. I don't have anything new and exciting to share.

Kate: That's okay! Something doesn't have to be new in order for it to be exciting. You're still eating healthy, still losing weight, you're still in school, and you're still writing. Maybe you don't need any new resolutions because you kept all the ones you made last year.

Caleb: Wow. I'm dumbfounded. Seriously, you just made my day. It took me 12 days to come up with it, but here's my New Year's Resolution: to keep up the good work!