Episode 71 - Gaylandia

Kate: Stop! What in the actual hell is Gaylandia?

Caleb: That's my nickname for the gay community. More specifically the gay Bear community in the Midwest where I live.

Kate: Gotcha. Anything we should know about the wonderful world of gay men?

Caleb: Just that it's small. Everyone knows everyone, and when you get around to meeting someone new who has twenty-plus mutual friends on Facebook it is considered a modern miracle to have not met each other before.

Kate: That's not a modern miracle; there's a first time for everything, including meeting new people.

Caleb: Tell that to the true believers who weigh in on a comment thread with, "Oh my God! How do you two know each other?" I hate to perpetuate stereotypes, but the harsh reality is they're rooted in truth. Gays know gays and Gaylandia is small world after all.