Episode 23 - Tweets

Caleb: You mentioned Tweets earlier. How about that alleged military ban on transgender individuals serving in the armed forces?

Kate: I just let out a sigh of relief when they announced that Tweets are not policy.  Could you imagine if everything he Tweeted just... happened?

Caleb: It's a scary thought.  People dish out hate on our commander and chief Tweeting his every thought, but I'm glad in this case.  It gives U.S. citizens a warning as to what kind of agenda we're up against, time to organize and fight against the oppression of minorities.

Kate: People should have got the message in January when the content for LGBT rights were removed from the whit-house-dot-gov website, and in February when the protections of transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice was rescinded, and in March when protections against discrimination of LGBT in hiring and employment were revoked, or in April when the federal lawsuit over North Carolina's statewide prohibition on LGBT equality was dropped.

Caleb: I'm glad someone is paying attention.